Thumbvet Korea achieves 1million USD in overseas export 2016-11-11 관리자 count : 1074


Korea Thumb Vet(CEO Dal Jung Kim) achieved $1 million USD in overseas export last October 26th.

 The following achievement took two years and eight months starting from 2014.

 Korea Thumbvet established an export team with two people from then on although being the second mover continuously strived and knocked the overseas market. With continuous
effort by attending exhibitions now has opened markets such as Russia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka. Within these 8 countries through 12
buyers we were able fulfil the market needs and distribute globally.

 Although there were barriers such as oil price, exchange rate, overall the future is bright.

 Not just through our overseas buyers Korea Thumbvet is collaborating with other Harim Familiy companies overseas such as CJ, SunJin and other domestic livestock farms distributing Anti-Biotics, Pre-Mixes.

 Our CEO Dal Jung Kim has been continuously opening doors in South East Asia, Russia, Middle East with the best service and quality. By achieving $1 million in overseas export 5 years from now in 2021 hope to achieve $10 million in export.