Product info

Product info

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Triple can 1kg Triple-Can pwd.

Classification Disinfectants

+ Features
+ Composition
  • 1kg contains

    Potassium monopersulfate ············································································································ 500g

    Malic acid ············································································································ 100g

    Sodium chloride ············································································································ 25g

    Sodium hexametaphosphate ············································································································ 175g

    Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate ············································································································ 115g

    Sulfamic acid ············································································································ 50g

+ Indications
  • 1. Bacteria: Salmonella typhimurium, Brucella ovis

    2. Virus: Avian influenza virus(AI), New castle disease virus(ND), swine fever virus, Foot and mouth disease virus(FMD).

    3. Disinfection of livestock, barn, and livestock equipment. 


+ Dosage and Administration
  •     Follow the dilute rate as below,

+ Packing Size
  • 1kg
+ Shelf life
  • 24 months from manufacturing date.
+ Storage conditions
  • Store in dry, cool, dark place and also in airtight container.
+ Cautions
  •  1. Use under veterinary prescription.

    2. Follow the administration and dosage.

    3. Do not combine with other disinfectants or insecticides.

    4. Continuous exposure to metal tool leads to corrosion of the equipment.

    5. Ventilate the area before use this product in shed space.

    6. Avoid flowing large amount of non-neutralizing product into drain because of fish toxicity of Potassium monopersulfate.

    7. If you take this product, follow the doctor's prescription after drink large amount of milk.

    8. Wash immediately when the powder contacts with skin or eyes.

    9. Be careful to contaminate livestock and feed.

    10. Keep out of reach of children.