Product info

Product info

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V-moxil la 100ml(디자인 변경) V-moxil LA inj.

Classification Antimicrobials/Antibiotics

+ Features
+ Composition
  • 1ml contains

    Amoxicillin hydrate ·························································································  150mg(potency)

    Ethyl oleate ·········································································································  q.s.

+ Indications
  • Treatment of bacterial disease sensitive to Amoxicillin.

    1. Cattle, swine, sheep: treatment of respiratory infection by gram positive bacteria and Pasteurella spp. and digestive infection by Enterobacteriaceae.

    2. Dog: treatment of respiratory, digestive, urinogenital and skin infection. 

+ Dosage and Administration
  • 1mL/10kg b.w.(150mg as amoxicillin) I.M. or S.C, once a day.

    * If necessary, re-administer after 48hrs. (not more than 20ml of single maximum dose on one injection site.)

+ Packing Size
  • 100ml
+ Shelf life
  • 24 months from manufacturing date.
+ Storage conditions
  • Store at room temperature(1~25℃) avoiding direct sunlight and dark place.
+ Withdrawal periods
  • - Cattle,Sheep and Swine 25days
    - Milk Cow: 96hr 
+ Cautions
  • 1. Do not use for animal undergoing hypersensitivity and shock reaction to this product and penicillins.

    2. Observe closely because it may rarely occur shock for animal undergoing hypersensitivity to penicillins.

    3. Treat under the instruction of veterinarian after stop administering immediately in case of vomit, stomachache, convulsion or paralysis.

    4. Do not administer over five days in a row.

    5. Do not combine with macrolide(erythromycin), aminoglycoside, chloramphenicol and tetracycline antibiotics.

    6. Be careful to use for pregnant animal.

    7. Use after mixing well.

    8. Maintain the injection at room temperature before use.

    9. Do not mix with other medicine.

    10. Apply one shot to one animal using sterilized disposable syringe and needle.

    11. Wrong injection method may cause pain, coagulation and purulence.

    12. Unless the condition or injection site is clean, inflammation and purulence may occur. The site of injection must be sterilized with 70% of alcohol before use.

    13. Pay attention to safety accident for administration because the animal may attack by instinctive pain reaction.

    14. Keep out of reach of children and approach of animal.

    15. Follow the storage instruction to avoid change in efficacy and stability.

    16. Please do not use the product that is out of date, and then discard safely.

    17. After open, use it quickly and the rest of the product should be protected from light and humid in tight-sealed container.

    18. Please discard the used container or wrapper safely and do not reuse for other purpose.

    19. Use for not human but animal.

    20. Use under the instruction of veterinarian.

    21. Read the instruction carefully before use.

    22. Use only designated animal because of the safety and efficacy.

    23. To prevent misuse and tolerance of the medicine, please record the detail of usage.

    24. Follow the administration and dosage because of accidential problem according to misuse and residue in livestock food product. 
    25. Do not mix with the same ingredient medicine.

    26. Unless you follow the withdrawal period, residue problem can occur.

    27. Wear protection equipment such as gloves, mask, and protective clothing.

    28. Wash immediately when the solution contact with skin or eyes, and then see the doctor as soon as possible. 
    29. Any inquiry about the product, please contact the manufacturer or importer.