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Product info

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Ketorofen 100ml(디자인 변경) Ketorofen inj.

Classification General Therapeutics

+ Features
+ Composition
  • 1ml contains


    1. Tolfenamic acid(EP)·····························································································40 mg

    2. Ketoprofen ········································································································100mg

    3. Propylene glycol ·································································································50mg

    4. Citric acid ·········································································································5mg

    5. Benzyl alcohol ···································································································10mg

    6. L-Arginine ········································································································5mg

    7. Potassium hydroxide ····························································································q.s.

    8. Water for injection ·······························································································q.s. 

+ Indications
  • 1) Cattle
    A. Anti-inflammation of musculoskeletal disorders and trauma.
    B. Anti-inflammation, antipyresis and pain relief of analgesic respiratory disease. C. Swelling and pain relief of nipples and udder in acute mastitis.
    D. Anti-inflammation, analgesic and antipyretic effect of postnatal pain.

    2) Horse
    A. Joint and musculoskeletal disease especially joint inflammation, tenosynovitis, myositis and lameness

    caused by trauma.
    B. Anti-inflammation, analgesic and antipyretic effect after surgery. C. Treatment of colic.

    3) Dog
    A. Myoskeletal disease and inflammation of joint disease.

    B. Anti-inflammation, analgesic and antipyretic effect after surgery. 

+ Dosage and Administration
  • 1) Cattle: 3ml(300mg of ketoprofen)/100kg bw, I.V.or I.M., once a day for 1~3 days.

    2) Horse: 1ml(100mg of ketoprofen)/45kg bw, I.V., for 3~5 days in case of skeletal pain and inflammation.

    (For Colic: 1ml(100mg of ketoprofen)/45kg bw, I.V. once. If other clinical symptom happen, it can be administered additionally)

    3) Dog: 0.02ml(2mg of ketoprofen)/1kg bw, I.V. or I.M., once a day for 1~3 days. 

+ Packing Size
  • 100ml
+ Shelf life
  • 24 months from manufacturing date.

+ Storage conditions
  • Store at room temperature and away fr

+ Withdrawal periods
  • 4 days 

+ Cautions
  • 1) Follow the indicated dosage and administration.
    2) Do not administer to pregnant or young animal less than 15 days of age.
    3) Do not administer to animal with kidney disorder.
    4) Do not administer to animal with hemorrhagic disease such as gastrointestinal bleeding. 5) Do not directly administer into the artery.
    6) Do not use for animal undergoing hypersensitivity to ketorofen.
    7) Do not combine ketorofen with other NSAIDs, diuretics, and anti-coagulants.
    8) Use under veterinary prescription.