Product info

Product info

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Flofen inj100ml Flofen inj.

Classification Antimicrobials/Antibiotics

+ Features
+ Composition
  • 1ml contains

    Florfenicol ······································································································ 300 mg
    Polyethylene glycol 200 ························································································· 80 mg Propyleneglycol······································································································ q.s. 

+ Indications
  • 1) Cattle: Treatment for bovine respiratory disease caused by

    Pasteurella haemolytica, Pasteurella multocida,, Haemophilus somnus.

    2) Swine: Treatment for infections caused by

    acinobacillus  pleuropneumoniae, Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae. 
+ Dosage and Administration
  • 1) Cattle: 1ml/15kg b.w., I.M. on the neck around muscle at 48hrs interval.
    2) Swine: 0.5ml/10kg b.w., I.M. on the neck around muscle at 48hrs interval. 

+ Packing Size
  • 100ml
+ Shelf life
  • 24 months from manufacturing date.

+ Storage conditions
  • Store at a room temperature and away from direct sunlight.&a

+ Withdrawal periods
  • 1) Cattle: 28 days
    2) Swine: 14 days

+ Cautions
  • 1. Misuse of medicine can cause residual problem in livestock food products.
    2. Do not use in pregnant animals or milking cow.
    3. Read the instructions carefully before use.
    4. Use only indicated animals.
    5. Follow designated indications and dosages.
    6. Do not inject more than 10mℓ
    per one injection site and must administer around neck. 7. Edema or erythema can be occurred after injection temporarily around anal region.
    8. After administration, they might have anorexia or diarrhea temporarily.
    9. Use under veterinary prescriptions and directions.
    10. In case of the product that is out of date, alteration, deterioration or damaged
    from the purchasing office immediately.
    11. Keep out of reach of children.