Product info

Product info

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Pipera g pwd 1kg(디자인만) Pipera-G pwd.

Classification Nutrients

+ Features
+ Composition
  • 1kg contains
     Citric acid piperazine  500g
     Food Red No.3 q.s.
     Carrier(sugar, starch) q.s.
    1kg contains 
    Citric acid piperazine ·············································································· 500g 
    Food Red No.3 ·············································································· q.s. 
    Carrier(sugar, starch) ·············································································· q.s.
+ Indications
  • Disinfestation of mawworms, pinworms, hookworms, heartworms, hookworm, oesophagostomiasis to poultry and animals. 
+ Dosage and Administration
  • 1. Poultry:
    1) 9~12wks: 20~30g/100head
    2) 19wks: 40~50g/100head

    2. Swine:
    1) Below 10kg b.w: 1~2g/per
    2) Above 10kg b.w: more 2g at increasing 10kg b.w.

    3. Cattle: 2g/10kg b.w.

    4. Dog: 1~2g/10kg b.w.

+ Packing Size
+ Shelf life
  • 24 months from manufacturing date.
+ Storage conditions
  • Store in dry, cool and dark place.
+ Cautions
  • 1. Use under the instruction of veterinarian.
    2. Follow the administration and dosage