Product info

Product info

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Flofencol5 Flofencol 5% pwd.

Classification Antimicrobials/Antibiotics

+ Features
+ Composition
  • 1kg contains

    Florfenicol ·········································································································································· 50g 
    Calcium carbonate···························································································································· q.s. 
    Rice Hull ··············································································································································· q.s.
    Others···················································································································································· q.s. 
+ Indications
  • Treatment and prevention of Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia in swine. 
+ Dosage and Administration
  • 400~800g(20~40g as Florfenicol)/ton of feed, P.O
+ Packing Size
  • 5kg, 25kg
+ Shelf life
  • 24 months from manufacturing date. 
+ Storage conditions
  • Store at room temperature(1~30°C) away from direct sunlight. Also store in a tight container. 
+ Withdrawal periods
  • Swine: 3 days. 
+ Cautions
  • 1. Follow the withdrawal periods.
    2. Do not continuously administer over 7days.
    3. Use under veterinary prescriptions.
    4. Follow the indicated dosage and administration.
    5. Keep out of reach of children and approach of animal to prevent safety accident.