Product info

Product info

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간식 - 오리고기 IGY & DUCK Treat (Dental Care)


+ Features
  • • Globigen-PG inhibit the gingipain activity and suppresses the damage to the cell by the PG bacterium.

    • Contains Immunoglobulin Y 

    • Crude Protein over 13.6%, Crude Fat less than 2.4%, Crude Ash less than 2.4%, Moisture less than 28%

+ Composition
  • Duck meat, flour, fish meat, white sugar, Globigen PG/IGY 1,000mg/kg etc.
+ Indications
  • • Dental Care
    • Gingiva Care
    • Oral Care
+ Dosage and Administration
  • Daily recommended quantity



    3~6 months

    less than 10g


    less than 10~20g


    less than 20~40g


    less than 40~60g

    25kg +

    More than 60g


+ Packing Size
  • 80g, 240g
+ Shelf life
  • 12 months from manufacture date
+ Storage conditions
  • Keep in cold storage
+ Cautions
  • •  Don't Feed under 3 month puppy.
    •  Keep away from direct sunlight and keep in cool place.
    •  After tearing keep in cold storage and feed as fast as possible
    •  Don't feed spoiled/altered treat

    This treat is for pets only.