Product info

Product info

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Sow care 1l Sow Care

Classification Anti-Parasitics

+ Features
  • - Bayer ‘Sebacil Pour-on’1 st Domestic generic medicine n
    - Pour on organophosphorus pesticide product using phoxim as  main ingredient.
    - Specialized Sarcoptes scarbiei  Extirpator
+ Composition
  • Phoxim ………… 75g

+ Indications
  • Swine scabies, lice Extirpator

+ Dosage and Administration
  • Apply 10kg per Swine kg(100kg per 40ml) and follow the backbone line from head to tail.

       ※ Apply in both ears 1~2ml when infected by otodectic Infestation. (Swine heard unit)

+ Packing Size
  • 1L
+ Shelf life
  • 24 months from manufaturing date
+ Storage conditions
  • keep in cool dry storage
+ Withdrawal periods
  • 19 days