(Enrotril Max (Long Acting))

Use breed

Swine, Cattle

  • Features

  • Composition

    1ml contains

    Enrofloxacin ··································································································· 100mg

  • Indications

    1. Treatment of bacterial respiratory disease sensitive to Enrofloxacin:

    1) Cattle: Pasteurellosis(Pasteurella haemolytica, Pasteurella multocida)
    Haemophilus infection (Haemophilus somnus), Mycoplasmosis (Mycoplasma spp)

    2) Swine: Pleuropneumonia (Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae)
    Pasteurellosis(Pasteurella multocida), Glasser's disease(Haemophilus parasuis)
    Streptococcicosis (Streptococus suis), Bronchial pneumonia (Bordetella bronchiseptica)

  • Dosage and Administration

    1. Cattle: 7.5ml/100kg b.w. once, S.C. (as 7.5mg/kg b.w.)
    2. Swine: 7.5ml/100kg b.w. once, S.C. or I.M. (as 7.5mg/kg b.w.)

  • Packing Size ( injection: 1mL, liquid: 1L, acid: 1kg )


  • Shelf life

    24 months from manufacturing date.

  • Storage conditions

    Store at room temperature(1~30°C)in dark place.

  • Withdrawal periods

    1) Cattle: meat-14 days, milk-3 days (S.C.)
    2) Swine-7 days

  • Cautions

    1. Read the instruction carefully before use.
    2. Follow the administration and dosage because of accidential problems according to misuse and economic loss.
    3. Do not mix with same ingredient medicine because accident caused by misuse and economic loss can occur.
    4. Do not use for animal undergoing hypersensitivity and shock reaction.
    5. Use sterilized disposable syringe and needle.
    6. Mix well before use.
    7. Apply one shot to one animal.
    8. Pregnant and lactating animal is available.
    9. Do not inject more than 15ml into one site for cattle, 5ml for swine.
    10. Do not inject for under 30days of piglet.
    11. Use under the instruction of veterinarian.
    12. Use for not human but animal.
    13. Use for only designated animal because of the safety and efficacy.
    14. Keep out of reach of children and approach of animal.
    15. Please do not use this product that is out of date, and then discard safely.
    16. To prevent misuse and tolerance of the medicine, please record the detail of usage.
    17. Please discard used container or wrapper safely and do not reuse for other purpose.
    18. Wash immediately when the solution contact with skin or eyes, and then see the doctor if necessary.
    19. Do not subdivide in other container to prevent misuse and quality decline.
    20. See the doctor as soon as possible if human get injection by mistake.
    21. Please do not use this product if there is strange substance.
    22. Do not mix with other medicine.
    23. Pay attention to safety while injector is administering because the animal may attack by instinctive pain reaction.