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  • Features

  • Composition

    1ℓ contains

    Benzalkonium Chloride ············································································································ 100g
    Citric acid ············································································································ 200g
    Phosphoric acid ············································································································ 60g
    Food dye (Blue pigment no.1)············································································································ q.s.
    Carrier············································································································ q.s.

  • Indications

    Sterilization and disinfection of pathogens sensitive to this product.
    Bacteria: Salmonella typhymurium, Brucella ovis
    Virus: Swine fever, Newcastle disease(ND), Avian influenza(AI), FMD Dis
    Disinfection of Livestock Farming Equipment

  • Dosage and Administration

  • Packing Size ( injection: 1mL, liquid: 1L, acid: 1kg )

    1ℓ, 5ℓ, 18ℓ

  • Shelf life

    24 months from manufacturing date.

  • Storage conditions

    Store in room temperature(1~30℃). dry, dark place and tight container.

  • Withdrawal periods

  • Cautions

    1. Read the instruction carefully before use.
    2. Follow the administration and dosage because accidential problem according to misuse and economic loss can cause.
    3. Use under veterinary prescription.
    4. Keep out of reach of children and approach of animal.
    5. If you take this product, try to vomit after drink large amount of milk, albumen or water. Then follow the doctor's prescription.
    6. Wear protection equipment such as gloves, mask, protective glasses and clothing.
    7. Be careful not to contact with eyes and contaminate food, feed and toys.
    8. Do not combine with other medicine because of the safety and efficacy.
    9. Wash them after sterilizing the dairy equipment.
    10. Sterilize under proper ventilation condition when sterilizing airtight place.
    11. Wash immediately when the solution contacts with skin or eyes, and then see the doctor if necessary.