Immune Enhancers

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Use breed

Swine, Poultry, Cattle, Duck

  • Features

  • Composition

    1kg contains

    Bacillus sp.(Bacillus polyfermenticus NSP, Bacillus subtillis)············ 1.0×109 CFU/g
    Ferrous sulfate ························································· 90g
    Zinc sulfate ································································ 10g
    Copper sulfate ··························································· 1g
    Manganese sulfate ···················································· 1g
    Calcium carbonate ···················································· q.s.
    Rice hulls ····································································· q.s.

  • Indications

    Target animal : pig, chicken and duck.

    Growth Promoter
    Improve Reproduction
    Improve Productivity
    Weight Gain
    Improve Immunity
    Reduce Mortality
    Improve Eggshells
    Increase Ovulation etc.

  • Dosage and Administration

    Administer after mixing with feed. (1~2kg/ton of feed)

    1) Lactating sow and Boar : 2kg/ton of feed
    2) Pregnant sow : 1kg /ton of feed
    3) Piglet : 2kg/ton of feed
    4) Grower and Finisher : 1~2kg /ton of feed
    5) Layer chicken and Breeder : 1kg/ton of feed
    6) Broiler and Duck : 1~2kg/ton of feed

  • Packing Size ( injection: 1mL, liquid: 1L, acid: 1kg )


  • Shelf life

    24 months from manufacturing date.

  • Storage conditions

    Store in a dry, dark place and tight container.

  • Withdrawal periods

  • Cautions

    1. Use under veterinary prescription.
    2. Read the instruction carefully before use.
    3. Use only designated animal.
    4. Follow the indicated dosage.
    5. Please record the history of used veterinary medicine.
    6. Follow the indicated administration.